Home Additions Add Value to Your Home and Your Life

One of the greatest ways to add value to your home is to add square footage and useable space. There’s nothing homebuyers like more than seeing they don’t have to do extra work to get the useable space they need for their family. Why not add an extra room for visitors and guests to stay in? Or, better yet, what about a family game room or the often-wished for “man cave”? These are just a couple of options that you can consider when adding extra square footage to your home.

Even if your home already has all the space you need or want, are you sure the space you have is useable? We’ve discussed in other articles how decks and patios can increase your home’s value and add useable space, but there are more things to consider. For instance, may homes in the south have driveways but no garages. While building a garage is an option, you should also consider the extremely affordable carport.


10330253_685249284846349_3867631963051240915_nGame Rooms, Man Caves, and other Additions

One of the main things to discuss with your contractor about home additions is whether or not the addition increases the home’s value. There are 2 types of “value” worth mentioning. The first is the financial value of your home. The second is the satisfaction you get from living in the home on a day-to-day basis. Not all houses go up in monetary value when you add-on, but if adding space to make room for guests or family fun increases the joy you get from your home, then additions are a wise investment indeed.

Once you’ve evaluated the value for an addition, zoning restrictions should be your next consideration. HGTV reports that:

Most municipalities have rules about what you can build where—including when you're building an addition. For example, though local zoning laws vary, in a residential area, you're generally not allowed to build anything within 20 feet of the front of your property; 7.5 feet of either side, or 15 feet of the rear, according to Roy L. Fyffe, Building Official for Burnet, Texas, and spokesman for the American Association of Code Enforcement

Your contractor can do the required research and advise you on what will work best not only for zoning purposes, but also on how your addition will tie into your current structure. The last thing most people want is for their new addition to look different than the rest of their home. This kind of work takes finesse so that your new addition looks like it belongs.

Most importantly, your contractor should have the experience and knowledge to take on the most painful tasks of any home addition project including:

  • Considering available space
  • Accurate project cost estimation
  • Navigating through zoning red tape
  • Project timeline management
  • Quality measurements and materials
  • Contingency plans for potential changes

Anyone who has tackled additions to their home knows that the task can be overwhelming. That’s why having a licensed and professional contractor managing the project from start to finish can make your life easier and your home more livable and enjoyable.


Carport_Gameroom_Addition_0003Carports and Garages

When considering additions to your home, it’s not always rooms that you need. Sometimes you just want to improve outdoor space to make life more convenient. Nothing says added convenience like the addition of a carport or garage to your property.

Southern springs are wet and no one likes running from their car to their home in the rain. Meanwhile, southern summers are filled with intense sun that can damage and fade the interior of your automobile. If you know what we’re talking about here, a carport or garage may be right for you.

If you need a space to store tools and other items along with your automobile, then a closed-in garage is going to be the best option for you. If you simply want protection from the elements and don’t have the space required for an enclosed structure, carports are the ideal solution. Speak with your licensed and ensured contractor to find what solution best fits your needs, your space, and your budget.


The Bottom Line

Where can extra square footage be added and how will you use the space? What will better suit your needs: a carport or a garage? These are things your contractor can help you determine. If you’re looking to add value through added useable space, speaking to a professional contractor should be your first step. They’ll know how to tackle any issues and create the space your family desires. If you have any questions about home additions, call Mike at (334) 281-3001 today!