The Value of Fences and Gates

You may be considering installing, replacing, or repairing a fence around your home or property because you want an added sense of security or privacy. But did you know that fences and gates can actually improve the value of your home as well? It’s true!

As the poet Robert Frost once said, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Fences are an extension of your home and professionally built fences not only increase the look and appeal of your home to potential buyers, but they also provide a safe area for kids and pets to play while giving you the privacy you desire.


Determine your needs

10660340_731486440222633_1805476969093777082_nThere are questions you must be able to answer to determine the type of fence that’s best for you:

  • Why do you want a fence?
  • What is your budget?
  • What function does the fence need to serve?
  • Is this for your home or for your land?
  • What type of fencing are others in your area using and is it appropriate?

There are a wide variety of fences available to consumers these day—from composite to wood or metal—in an endless array of styles. If you are having trouble answering these questions and determining what is most appropriate for your needs, speak to a professional such as a licensed contractor with experience in fencing. They will be able to help you with the critical thinking while sticking within your reasonable budget.


Let’s Get Real About DIY

The internet is loaded with how-tos on every topic imaginable, including fence installation. But many DIY guides simplify topics without making readers fully aware of the pitfalls that would be better suited for a professional to handle. Some examples include:

  • Do you know exactly where your property line lies and how far back your fence must be placed from it?
  • Where are the underground utility lines?
  • What zoning code restrictions and covenants are in place for your property?
  • What permits do you need?
  • Which materials are susceptible to water damage?

A licensed professional contractor can not only answer these questions for you but can educate you on the right kind of material that is best for your property and needs. Not to mention, fence installation is extremely labor intensive. Isn’t the whole point of a fence to help you relax? Why make it the thing you detest by taking on the project yourself? Why not relax right now and let the professionals handle it?


To Gate or Not To Gate

10648582_751854928185784_8336228284556994887_oFor fences that surround property, a gate is a no-brainer. You need to be able to enter your property, whether it’s land in the country or your home in Montgomery, and a gate is the only way to make this happen. So what about gates that surround your yard? Better Homes and Gardens recommends at least two entrances and exits into a fenced-in area for both safety and convenience.


The Bottom Line

Fences and gates improve the value of your home, provide privacy, and add a sense of security. With all of these important factors hanging in the balance, consider hiring a professional and licensed contractor to do the dirty work and do it right. If you have questions or concerns about fence and gate installation and repair, contact Mike at Allied Construction Services in Montgomery, Alabama by calling 334-281-3001. You can also email Mike here.