See the World Differently with New Windows

Are you tired of your drafty old single pane windows? Or are your wooden frame windows showing signs of rot or water damage? Your home’s windows are an important part of its appearance, energy efficiency, and safety. Replacing them with new windows offer many benefits that can add value to your home and improve your daily life. Here are some of the reasons to consider swapping your old windows for new ones.

Increased Energy Efficiency and Comfort

Nearly all new windows are “low-e” or “low thermal emissivity”. That’s because the glass is coated with a metallic coating that helps reflect solar energy, keeping temperatures more consistent in both cold and hot weather. The coatings have the added benefit of reducing UV light that can fade and damage your furniture, carpeting and other materials.

Additionally, new windows typically have two or three panes of glass and are filled with an insulating gas like argon or krypton. This insulation helps keep interior surfaces warmer, reducing condensation to a minimum.

Having new windows installed will also make you more comfortable by eliminating drafts and leaks. Replacing your old windows with new low-e ones can lower your energy costs up to 35% according to the Efficient Windows Collaborative (EWC). You can also see benefits even if you have older double-pane windows. Additionally, you may also be eligible for tax breaks for energy efficiency improvement.

Reduced Maintenance

Older windows with wooden or metal frames require maintenance to keep them working correctly. Today’s options include vinyl, fiberglass, composite and wood and clad-wood options that give you the style you need with minimal upkeep.

Non-wood window frames don’t need painting or staining like wooden ones do. This is because they are resistant to blistering and cracking. By simply keeping them clean with mild soap and water or household cleaners, they’ll provide you with years of use. Most include features like double-hung frames that tilt in to allow for easy glass cleaning, meaning you never have to go outside and get the ladder out to keep them sparkling.

Wide Variety of Materials

Vinyl windows are very popular and a cost-effective choice for your new windows. They are readily available in standard and specialty sizes and with a variety of glass options. Vinyl windows used to be limited to white or beige—fine for most projects, but not good if you’re trying to match existing window or trim colors. But new manufacturing methods offer vinyl windows that come in a wide array of colors right from the factory. If you need to match a specific color, there are also new paints designed specifically for vinyl. These paints reflect heat, allowing them to be used to paint vinyl frames without peeling or causing damage to the vinyl as older paints were likely to do.

Fiberglass and composite materials can be pricier than vinyl, but they can be designed to look like wood grain and are virtually maintenance free. They also come in many color options. Composite materials can be stronger than vinyl or other materials offering rigidity and enhanced weather resistance.

Today’s wood and clad-wood options offer many features that combine the energy efficiency of low-e glass with the warmth of real wood. Wooden windows can come in pre-finished colors to save time and ensure durability for years to come. They may also be required in some historical homes or neighborhoods. Your licensed and professional contractor will make sure to check with your local regulations before advising you on a replacement window material.

Clad-wood options are a great alternative for the buyer who wants to maintain wooden interiors (especially if you’re not replacing all of your windows at once), but wants to have the durability of another exterior finish choice. Clad-wood options can be had in combination with vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, or composite exteriors with all the benefits that come with each of those materials.

Even More Reasons

  • Increased Security
    New windows offer more than just beauty. Single pane glass does little to thwart thieves. Most new windows have been tested for resistance against forced entry and may come with multiple locks that help improve safety and peace of mind. In fact they may even help lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums.
  • Sound Reduction
    If you live in a noisy area, or if you like to push the limits of your home theater, you’ll appreciate the sound reduction benefits that new windows offer. They keep sounds out (or in!) due to their multiple pane construction and tight seals. Sound reduction can be quite dramatic and is often one of the surprising benefits of replacing old windows.
  • Improved Resale Value and Curb Appeal
    Old wooden windows with layers of bubbling or peeling paint and sagging sills certainly don’t make a good first impression. Add in the fact that they may be painted shut and buyers start adding up the deductions when they’re considering making an offer. Replacing windows is one of the best investments you can make in your home. They’re typically in the top five best remodeling investments based on return on investment.
  • Improve Your View
    There’s nothing like new windows to make a house look clean, bright, and they give your whole house a well-kept look. This also might be a great time to consider taking advantage of a great view and put in larger or additional windows. You could even add a bay window with a window seat to create a cozy reading nook in a sunny spot.


The Bottom Line

Replacing your windows is one of the smartest ways to add beauty and value to your home. You will also benefit your wallet and the environment with all the great energy efficient features found in today’s window options. For a free estimate contact Mike at Allied Construction Services in Montgomery, Alabama by calling 334-281-3001. You can also email Mike here.